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A fun idea for kids are swim new era wholesale caps with ears
Children's Swim Caps
A fun idea for kids are swim new era wholesale caps with ears. A swim cap that looks like a cat can have little plastic ears. You can do any animal or cartoon animal, and the ears will be a fun touch. Funny faces on swim caps, kids also get a kick out of. Also, for little girls, you can have floral swim caps or caps covered in butterflies. For little boys, swim caps with bugs on them or even in the shapes of bugs may be fun for them as well.
Teen Swim Caps
Teens are looking for something more eye-catching, yet simple. Caps with college logos are always good and they can wear them proudly. If they are in other sports besides swimming, those are some other great ideas for swim wholesale hats. One that looks like a baseball or football. For girls, a simple flower on the side in bright colors. For guys, dragons will be a great touch.
Adult Swim Caps
Men will enjoy caps with beer logos, guitars, and wacky sayings, or sports team logos, or country or state flags. A great idea for woman's caps would be a decal representing the members of your family with stick figures on them. These can show off a proud mother's family. Other ideas for women would be red hat society logo, floral caps, and bird caps.
Swim Cap Ideas for Everyone
Holiday swim cheap hats can be colorful and fun. Swimmers like to swim all year round and change out their caps. One that looks like Santa or a Leprechaun are some ideas for holiday caps. Conversation heart caps with sayings are a fun idea to spice up swim caps as well. Caps with a picture of your family pet are also going to be popular. Tye-dyed caps are great for the whole family and you can match! Tye-dyed caps are very colorful and can be made with many color combinations.

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